Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winmax Rainbow Pink

Good day my dear readers! What I have here is a little surprise from Daiso, a Japan lifestyle store that sells everything for RM5 each. Everything includes pottery, stationery, cosmetics, kitchenware, snacks, clothes, shoes and etc etc etc...!

I bought this cute polish together with Heart No. 2 , Winmax K-series and Color Makeup. I have a couple of these three brands bought in different colors, I just didn't post them up together :) Whereas I was impressed by them I had kinda neglected this part of my stash ever since I received my second haul of CG, Nubar, Orly and Color Club from Secret Allure. Perhaps I was blindsided by the branded ones because this Winmax Rainbow is a gem that, though it's cheap, it's not to be undermined.

Let's find out why!

Winmax Rainbow comes in a twisted-shape bottle with a round cap that doesn't adhere to the body shape well. At first glance, all I could see is coral polish with shimmers. I didn't understand their rainbow concept, is it the brand or the series?

But I grasped their idea once peered closely at the polish;

It has crazy tons of tiny tiny colorful shimmers packed in this small bottle. Gold, silver, red, blue and even scattered green minute flecks! I find it hard to describe the color, would it be a coral-pink?

I have tested other Winmax polish before and was not too happy to find most of them being sheer that require more than 3 coats. However, this little one defies my judgement. A single coat is pigmented enough and two coats are more than perfect. Color shown on the nails is 90% similar to the bottle's with coral missing a large part of its presence.

The shimmers transferred smoothly (no grittiness) onto the nails, transforming an otherwise dull boring salmon shade to a shining pretty girl. The above pictures were taken outdoor with overcast sky.

Under direct sun, the rainbow (which was named) defines itself. It's a sweet scattered holo with delightful sparkles!

I admit the shimmers are not as bright and visible as other well-known brands but with RM5 a bot, you can get the same holo effects as Color Club's (or any others that have subtle holo). For budget-conscious polish addicts, this is a good alternative to pretty up your nails :)

Application-wise, no issues. Drying time, fast. Except for the wonky brush but it's not too difficult to work with. One coat for 90% coverage and two coats for depth, this 'twisted' beauty does add a punch! I shall use this for my Konad experiment :)


redkapha said...

Hi!! I have been reading your blog faithfully but haven't had time to comment lately - busy is always a poor excuse! I must say, as usual without fail, I thoroughly enjoyed the way you described the characteristic of each nail polish. Absolutely love the way you captured the minor but essential details that aroused readers' interest. I'm very impressed & thank you, I have never learnt so much about nails & colours!!!

poppyluva said...

Wow, this is one compliment that truly brightens my day (mercy, it's Friday too!)

Thank you sis, your support and encouragement drive me further into this "addiction"! :)