About Me

Hello! My name is Agnes and I'm from Singapore Malaysia, an island with bountiful attractions and resources. Yes the country that sings "Truly Asia" song to tourists.

I bite my nails since young and did not care for them till recently. As a result my nails are brittle, weak and soft. I only decided to fix it in late 2010 and from there, as my nails grew stronger so has my love for nail polish.

Nailbytes is created as a personal nail journal, a place for me to talk & share my manicure, nail polish, nail art and other nail stuff. Every manicure has its learning curve, so this site serves its purpose for me to document my learnings and mistakes. Sometimes (or most of the time) you may see ugly nails, bad cuticles, a manicure gone wrong... well, I hope by posting them I will be able to jot down the do's and don't's.. from there I will know how to improve.

By the way, I'm a hopeless leftie thus you'll see the manicure on my right hand in most photos.

Thank you for visiting Nailbytes :) Feel free to leave your comments in the posts or email me at poppyluva[at]hotmail[dot]com