Friday, December 2, 2011

China Glaze Urban Night + Color Club Fashion Addict and Konad

Hello there! We're now entering the last month of year 2011. How has this week been treating you?

I was in Bali for the long weekend, though I enjoyed myself but I didn't like the night scenes in Kuta and Legian. Weather was hot, humid but the sunset view was spectacular!

Before my trip I put on this manicure and by the time I came back, most of them were chipped off. So right now I'm "cleansing" my nails by leaving it bare with a layer of top coat.

For this post I'm putting up tons of photos... It was a day with unpredictable weather. Sunny at first, raining after that and moody storm followed through. I was also rushing to complete my mani to attend my cousin's wedding... with these factors, please forgive the unclean and imperfect look!

Here's the bottle picture of China Glaze Urban Night and Color Club Fashion Addict:

Remember I have Color Club Revvvolution that doesn't have any holographic effect? I decided to test other Color Club's holographic polish by buying Fashion Addict and Worth The Risque. Unfortunately the holo that was raved by bloggers did not show up on my nails either.

Color Club Fashion Addict is a sweet lavender polish that's packed with shimmers. Below photo was taken indoors, painted with two thin coats.

Holo? Meh.

Fashion Addict in outdoor, under the shade.
Holo? Zits.

Finally Fashion Addict under natural light, outdoor.
Holo holo? Nope. I don't see it.

Despite the non-existent holo, I like the shimmery pastel shade even though a stronger tone of lavender with brighter shimmers would be more suitable to be called Fashion Addict. Nonetheless, a pretty color for my mellow days :)

Next up is the base for my mani. China Glaze Urban Night from Metro collection!

China Glaze Urban Night is a rich true purple that looks yummy and inviting. Others call it an eggplant color. I must say I quite like it, a color that's not over- or under-stated yet stood out like a royal being. It's the perfect shade for Fall and I love how China Glaze aptly named it as Urban Night... it looks metro chic and sophisticated, doesn't it? :)

As with other CG polish, it takes two coats to reach opacity and builds up beautifully. High gloss and fast drying too!

Ok on to the real stuff! Below are my Konad mani with leopard prints, using image plate M57.

I used CG Urban Night as base and CC Fashion Addict for stamping.
Taken without top coat:

Hang on... did you see the holo in Fashion Addict? It's shy, it's subtle but YES IT'S THERE!

I suppose the holo effect is only visible in small areas, most probably due to it being a scattered holo. Oh well, at least I didn't get a dupe!

However the holo effect vanished when I added a layer of top coat:

I was a bit skeptical on the design but it caught a lot of attention! I get questions from colleagues, acquaintances and friends on the stamping process and they were quite, in fact, in awe! That really made my week a great one!

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