Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seche French Manicure

Hello all, how do you feel about Sunday? A day to rest and relax? For me, it's the last day before hitting the stress line for next 5 days. Usually I would stay home and mull over those pending tasks in office and stay restless throughout Sunday. Not a day I like, definitely so.

Am gonna show you this french manicure I did last week before I report to my new job. Figured I couldn't put on fancy colors so I did the conventional way. I own these Seche french manicure set for a year plus and didn't try it ever before. So now, tis' the time!

The set comes with Seche rose polish, Seche porcelain polish, Seche Base Coat, Seche Vite Top Coat and a piece of french guide. I have been using both base and top coats for my weekly manicures and they're in their EOL stage. I replaced the latter with Revlon Quick Dry top coat and used Rimmel base coat instead. Rimmel's belongs to my sister, I found it in her stash :) It's a shimmery peachy beige milky base coat that dries fast.

First, I protected my nails with base coat. You don't have to do this but I'm just being paranoid. When base coat is dried on the nails, wrap the french guide slightly below your nail line. Then apply Seche Porcelain as white tip. I used a pencil to seal the edges tight.

After painting the tip, remove the sticker guide immediately. Failure to do so will result in polish pulling off together with the sticker, like mine:

Taking photos resulted in such mistake =.=
Right, after tip is dried completely, apply one or two coats (to your preference) of Seche Rose. The slight pinkish beige nude polish on white tips will aid in producing a natural shade.

I showed my left instead since the white tips were better off (sticker guide removed promptly!)

Apply top coat and you're done!
I spotted my ELF matte finisher idling in the stash and tried it on my manicure. It dried real fast and my nails were covered matte, milky weeny white. But it isn't obvious in the photo.

Decided it wasn't nice and painted 2nd coat of Seche Rose on top of it! Ha!

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