Friday, September 9, 2011

Daiso Color Makeup 25 & 5

Hello readers!

I hope you like what Joyce had presented in the previous post :) She's into pastels, neutrals and soft shades and her nail work is always excellent! Whereas for me I prefer bright, dark and odd colors with high contrast. Today I'm showing my nails in bright theme, perfect for the toes but hey, it looks so fun on the fingers too!

Scanning through my stash I found Color Makeup 25 in tangerine and 5 in fuchsia magenta. From the bottles, 25 is a neon orange and 5 has an interesting blue reflection. That spells duochrome to me. Nice! But both smell awful, really awful.. like expired cheap aerosol. If you look at the bottle pics, 5 fuschia magenta is a perfumed (scented) polish! While painting, I smelled my nails and was choked by the chemicals. When dried, Color Makeup 5 had a subtle rose scent. Not overpowering, you only get it if you bring your nails very close to your nose.

L-R: Color Makeup 25, Color Makeup 5; both from Daiso

Color Makeup 5 (fuchsia magenta) is a perfumed polish

I put neon orange on my ring finger nail as accent nail. Both colors really pop! So summery, vibrant and flashy. I love these kinda colors :) Make mondays less blue, tuesdays more bearable, wednesdays easier to pass by, thursdays a breeze and friday a blast!

Outdoor, under the shade. Not vibrant enough? Look at the photos below...

It's striking under direct sun. Did you see the blue duochrome on fuschia magenta?
(my index's was marred by bedsheet.. argh)

Right, the blue flash! It's even more evident under artificial light (indoor). This seems to be a dupe for OPI Kinky In Helsinki and China Glaze Reggae To Riches. I don't have both to compare though...

This is the most accurate color for both 25 & 5, although magenta shade is brighter in reality

Application was surprisingly smooth. Neon orange has a jelly finish. Both are sheer in one coat but completely opaque with 3 thin coats. Even 2 coats will be good to go if you don't mind the faint VNL.

Another wonderful thing? Considering that I put on a brand-less top coat (no Seche Vite in order to avoid shrinkage), they didn't chip for 5 days! Only minimum tip wear on the thumb, the rest still solid and strong! , These are definitely keepers!

Oh and I managed to leave a gap between cuticles and polish. Maybe a little too wide but I'll work on that :)

For RM5 per bottle with top-notch quality, I'll make more trips to Daiso from now on!

3 thin coats of Color Makeup 25
3 thin coats of Color Makeup 5
OPI Ridge Filler
Brand-less top coat

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