Tuesday, August 30, 2011

China Glaze + Color Club = Nail Marbling

I enjoyed marbling so I tried it again, this time in pastels. I was confident that it would be done in an hour or less since I am already familiar with the whats and nots. I was also determined to create a fixed pattern on each nail for a neater look.

I used China Glaze For Audrey, Color Club Vintage Couture and two other polishes I bought from Daiso. The latter two were an afterthought for layering, since the end results of my nail marbling didn't turn out well.

L-R: China Glaze For Audrey, Color Club Vintage Couture, Winmax K-025, Winmax K-204

Winmax K-024
A nice semi-clear duochrome that flashes pink, gold, and silver. It's too subtle and fail to perform on the nails

Winmax K-025
Glittery rose-gold hologram

My confidence dropped when my marbling turned out worse than the first attempt. I tried it with only base coat on the nails but the colors were too pale. It was better by using IN2IT white as base but my fingers twitched and smudged the pattern. During the process I smudged the white base so I had to re-apply again. I also 'sliced' off parts of the white when putting scotch-tape for marbling. My clumsiness didn't stop there. I splashed almost half of the water on the table, rubbed on the marbled nails and almost dropped the bottles on the floor. I repeated all the steps so many times... spent 4 hours to finish the whole manicure! Omg, I was totally exhausted by then.

Sadly I wasn't able to have a fixed pattern - again. My clean-up was sloppy too, because I reckoned I won't wear it for long.

Winmax K-024 duochrome was nice on the bottle but it wasn't visible at all on the nails. So I added Winmax K-025 for the glitter. The flakes are so tiny that only the wearer can see it.

Nail marbling is fun but it can be really frustrating at times. My patience ran really thin that night, so I have decided to shelf this for now. Who knows, perhaps I'll do it again... in the near future.

2 coats of IN2IT White
4 droplets of China Glaze For Audrey
4 droplets of Color Club Vintage Couture
1 coat of Winmax K-024
1 coat of Winmax K-025
Seche Clear base coat
Seche Vite dry fast top coat

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