Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sparitual Wilde Collection

Greetings everyone!

This is a happy post because I received my Sparitual Wilde collection and finally get to swatch them! Despite being my first to swatch so many in one go, tiring as it was, my mood was incredibly good as I marveled at each color brought to my nails.

I got to know about Sparitual by reading Peace Love Polish. Sonja only uses vegan products and Sparitual piqued my interest. I didn't even know how to pronounce it till I split the word... it should be 'spa-ritual', I guess? So anyway, when Secret Allure opened their Spree 2 I ordered their Wilde collection without hesitation. The online reviews were convicting enough for me to get the entire collection!

Sparitual sells vegan products, their nail polish is 3-Free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene. For added bonus, no animals are tested for their products. Good yea? This company is also environmental friendly, the bottles are made of recycled materials and packaging is recyclable and renewable! Thumbs up Sparitual!

Wilde collection for Fall 2011 was inspired by the book 'Women Who Run With The Wolves' written by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs. Shades are deep, rich, jewel toned and autumn appropriate. They glow from within and have unusual depth. Glorious, simply, simply glorious.

The polish came to me in two boxes, three in each:

Let's do our part, use materials that are recyclable & renewable

Here they are, lined up with pride:

Sparitual Wilde collection

Brush & Application
Sparitual's brush reminds me of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength's. It's thin but bristles are not hard, making it easy to control except for Rhythm Of Life. Their application is flawless, buttery smooth, no streaking and zero brushstrokes! It's all good!

Drying time & Cap
Time needed to dry the polish is quite short, say, approximate less than 2 minutes for each thin coat. Compared to Nubar's, this is really fast. Special mention to their patented Plum cap, it's rubbery, like Orly's with the difference of the ridges lined on the cap, allowing non-slip grip for firm execution.

Smell & Pigmentation
I was pleasantly surprised by the smell. Normally even with other 3-Free polish there are chemicals permeating the air. Not for this one. There IS a smell but it doesn't register as chemicals, it's almost like an air-freshener... a bit of pinewood, a bit of mint... I don't know, it's just pleasant.
For coverage, they are opaque in two coats - fantastic! Well, all except Instinct. It's on the sheer side but it's quite spectacular. Read on to find out why.

Ok, onto the swatch! All are applied in two coats (except for Instinct) without base coat and top coat.
Feel free to click on the pictures to have a closer look :)

Howl - Blackened brown with gold shimmer. From far it looks really dark but come nearer and you'll see the gold freckles smiling at you. It's rich, like a fine expresso, or the heart of a timber. I'm pretty sure it will reflect its goodness under direct sun, just that the weather wasn't giving the rays when I took the photos. Nonetheless, this is a shade that awes and nothing in my stash is similar to it.

Howl - Dark acorn with gold shimmer

Rhythm of Life - Emerald green with flashes of teal playing with your eyes. It finished with a weeny bit of frosty metallic but the teal shimmer glows so much that it's like a frost that doesn't freeze with brushstrokes. Not sure if that make sense but hope you get my drift. Ha! My camera couldn't capture the green in all lightings, I just couldn't get it right. My photos only showed teal, humm. You can refer to thepolishaholic for the accurate shade. This has naughty brush, it prefers to run on its own. I was worried it would be uneven but whoa, it turned out okay with no brushstrokes. Amazing for a metallic finish. I love the color even though I'm not a huge fan of greens. It's... just mesmerizing, a definite eye-catcher.

Rhythm of Life - There's more green than teal in reality

Spirit Child - True to its name, Spirit Child is a fiery red packed with orange-gold (or copper) shimmer. It's evident in the bottle but only showed red on the nails. Again I suppose it will peek out under the sun but I didn't have any that day. In fact, a storm was brewing and I kinda panicked by a possible lost cause. So I painted my nails fast and snapped quickly away. Wasn't a good paint job but you still can see the blazing red even under dire weather conditions! Spirit Child is not as unusual as the rest of its siblings, but I love how the copper played out in this game; sultry, wild and daring.

Spirit Child - Victorious red in sunset desert

[At this point, I switched my camera to auto-mode due to overcast sky with impending rain. I also tweaked the white balance to capture the true colors]

Running With Wolves - Is a color reversal of Howl. A glowing copper with brownish bronze shimmer. Interestingly both names relate to each other :) Not a color well-liked by everyone but definitely a glorious copper that wows. Gold dulls my skin but this pleases me to no end. Not too brown and not too much gold. It's like having little Sphinxes on the nails, glowing in the light with such sophistication. Dance like an Egyptian and bow to the Cleopatra! It has a depth that no other copper polish can surpass. Awesome.

Running with Wolves - Copper richness

Instinct - A dark violet with blue shimmer. Hang on, does that make it a blurple? It'll be a yes if you apply 3 medium-thick coats. In a single coat it's dark violet. Because of the shimmer you have the illusion of fuchsia blue staring back at you. I had mentioned earlier that it's very sheer, my 3 thin coats resulted in bald patches and color inconsistency. BUT I was won over by the dark violet base. It's the key player that creates mystical aura around the blue shimmer. My swatch didn't do justice to the wonderful color. If Spirit Child reminds me of desert tribes who hold the secrets of the earth, then Instinct brings home to nomads who understand the way of life.

Instinct - Mystical swirls of blurple in magic ball

Sacred Ground - This is the polish that lured me to Wilde collection. The only glitter polish in the collection,  it's a smokey grey that's packed with gold and blue glitters. The gold dominates its counterpart blue but does not overpower the grey, whereas the blue is at its best under the sun. Grey, blue and gold... what a combination! Glitters are small and dense and dried to smooth glossy finish. How cool is that? It has a subtle outlook yet reaches a new depth of glitter glow. The name is apt for the color, sacred ground for a complex ash grey. Mmmmmm. I'm speechless. It's so unique! MOM, I'M IN LOVE!

Sacred Ground - Grey with tons of gold and blue glitter

Overall, Wilde collection is amazing, I'm impressed! The colors are beautiful, sophisticated, playful and seductive. With zero issues and awesome colors, if you have not tried Sparitual nail polish, this is the collection to get. You won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Agnes, thanks for the mention! I'm glad you like your first SpaRitual polishes. :) I've been addicted to them recently, especially Sacred Ground.

poppyluva said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by! :) I'm totally in love with Sacred Ground and can't bear to remove them from my nails. Ha!