Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SueSa S19 & Color Club Worth The Risque


In the month of February I took part in BlogShopBuzz's weekly giveaway to celebrate Valentine's Day. What we needed to do was to share the nail polish picture and comment on who we wanted to give the polish to, and why. This year marks the 20th year of friendship between Joyce and me, and I wanted her to know how much I love her, my dearest friend for so many years. And yes I won! Within 2 days they sent Mei Mei's Signatures in-house brand SueSa S19 to my Singapore home. I have been thinking about it and now I finally brought it back! So here's the swatch!

Sorry for the dry cuticle! Anyway SueSa S19 is a black glittery polish that dried matte, oh and dried real fast too! Application is a breeze though the brush can be wonky at times. This cool polish is also a one-coater! Yes one stroke and there you have it, full opacity and well pigmented! Black isn't anything new in polish line but there's something about S19 that's captivating. The matte glitter creates depth which is rare for matte polish and it has an almost charcoal grey in it, though not always visible. Interesting, I like it :)

I swatched Color Club Worth The Risque at the same time. When I used Fashion Addict for Konad stamping (view here) I was dismayed at how mild the holo was and concluded Worth The Risque will be a dud too. Well, I hereby issue an apology because Worth The Risque has stronger holo than FA! I couldn't stop staring at my nails.. it's quite amazing. I gotta admit this is the first visible holo I had on my nails and a newbie like me was stupefied!

I had big plans for S19 but the end results were once again, epic failure. So what you see here are the initial swatch before they became an accumulated disaster (nope, ain't gonna show the ugly free-hand painting).

Wouldn't you agree that CC Worth The Risque and SueSa S19 are good combination for nail design? It's just too bad my drawing really sucks.. oh well.

If you like SueSa S19, you can get it here. Mei Mei Signatures carry a wide variety of polish products; Glitter Gal, A-England, Nfu-Oh, Blaze, Cult Nails, Megan Miller and etc. Their in-house brand is equally impressive, as shown above :)

Above swatch was taken without topcoat.

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