Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nubar Reclaim

Hello everyone!

It'll be the last post before I fly off to Singapore today, the last post written in Malaysia :) I will be out of transmission in Singapore till I subscribe to their local broadband, I wonder how I'm gonna survive without internet! Sheesh. Once cable is up Nailbytes will continue on, please wait for me ya?

Before heading home, I have chosen the critically acclaimed Nubar polish, an all-time favourite: Reclaim. I bought it sometime ago and, just like Peacock Feathers and Royal Velvet, have since reluctant to swatch on them because they are oh-so-precious! Since I'm leaving and having seen the holo magic on CC Worth The Risque, I decided to leave Malaysia with a big holographic bang :)

Nubar has this funnel-shaped bottle that looks small which somehow vexed me because their polish is superb, colors are awesome and hey, why compromise quantity? But don't be fooled, it's of regular 15ml size. I just can't believe swatching it can cause significant amount of polish loss looking from the bottle!

Reclaim is part of Nubar Going Green collection and it's the only linear holographic polish among the rest. It's a young green, leaning towards the color jade and the holo turns the polish into goldish-yellow on your nails when in shade.

It only takes 2 coats to achieve opacity. Holographic polish that's pigmented, great isn't it! However I have application issues due to the brush, sometimes it doesn't agree with me and drag itself on the nails. But it isn't a big deal since it dried smooth, glossy and real fast.

Now, green is not my color. From experience my skin tone doesn't go well with greens, especially in lighter shades. But I do like Reclaim very much, the linear holo holds so much of my attention and awe that everything is forgiven!

All are taken without top coat. Below photos are shot indoor, natural light, daytime. Holo is visible though not too obvious. I have other polish that couldn't show their holo talent in the shade so Reclaim surpasses them all!

Here's the holographic bang when Reclaim is shown under direct sunlight!

You don't have to twist 'n turn your fingers to find them, holographic in Reclaim is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Such a winner, totally glorified and deservedly so!

Are you a Reclaim fan too? Linear holo is still very much visible even with topcoat. Awesome yea? Definitely a keeper! :)

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