Monday, February 27, 2012

Orly Galaxy Girl

Monday blues anyone? I'm not because in a week's time I'll be leaving my company! Can't say I'm sad to part ways with them but I'm actually moving back to Singapore in early March. I have been living in Malaysia for 7 years and grew to love every part of it; places, food, people... Due to personal reasons I gotta pack my bags (tons of them) though I'm very-verry-verrrrrrry reluctant to go.

Anyway! I'll be extremely busy in the remaining days of my stay but nail stuff cannot be skipped! :) Last Wednesday was my birthday and Orly Galaxy Girl became my birthday manicure! Nope, no poor attempts on nail arts, I suck at it! Let's not spoil the awesome polish, shall we?

Bottle pics!

Orly Galaxy Girl is part of the Cosmic FX collection, sibling of Space Cadet. Compared to the latter, Galaxy Girl appears matured, subdued and mysterious. Space Cadet is like a child on a rampage, flaunting all out with its glorious colors :)

Galaxy Girl is a mix of plum purple with berries, topped with disco blue, violet, green and gold flecks. Plumish, think eggplant. The overall shade on the nails look like burgundy, winey with purple as base. Interestingly, though it's in different purple, Galaxy Girl with its name reminds me of Hit Girl in Kick Ass movie!

Courtesy of Screencrave

My swatch didn't do any justice, I was too lazy to work on a proper table and chair, opted for a couch instead with big windows at the side. With the humidity and heat, my manicure resulted in bumps and bubbles. Ugh.

It's difficult to capture the true colors even with all the angles, contortions and twists. Not that colors are deceptive, it's just the topcoat applied that were too shiny to allow color accuracy. Have made a mental note to avoid this for future manis!

Galaxy Girl is a duochrome. Albeit it's not flashy, all colors on the nails ding-a-blingbling onto your eyes without deliberate movements needed. What you see in the bottle is exactly what you get on your nails. This is cool, you don't get to have such polish often!

I normally refrain bad photos making their way to the blog but this is an exception for Galaxy Girl to show you the color shifting goodness this babe has.

2 coats are good for coverage but I used 3 for the bumps (yea it didn't help).
Do you have Galaxy Girl too? Do you adore her as much as I do?

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