Sunday, February 12, 2012

Orly Space Cadet

Heya everyone! How was your weekend? For this post I'm showing couple of photos of Orly Space Cadet from Cosmic FX collection.

Bottle pics first -

The polish from Orly Cosmic FX collection is unique: textured like minerals in glass-speckled manner and extremely well-duochromed. 

Quote from Orly:
The MINERALFX technology includes specialty mica, that allows for a clearer, vibrantly bright lustrous shimmer. Crystals allow for a multi-dimensional color transformation. Glass particles carefully controlled in shape and size create a luminous phenomenon. This combination infused with the Silica and specific colors selected create this exclusive technology that gives nails a unique optical effect that’s magnified as the lighting source intensifies or viewing angle changes.

So many colors flashes insanely even from the bottle -

Pink, copper, gold, green... even purple/plum

This pigmentation is thin, you need to put either 2 thick coats or 3 thin layers for decent opacity. Application is excellent, brush is good and Orly rubber cap is simply awesome for grip and control. However I did my manicure in a humid condition and resulted in bumps...

Under artificial light, the color changed to plum-pink-purple. Under natural light, the green with gold undertone shone. Orly has created a new standard for duochromes: You don't have to contort & twist your fingers to find the duochromes. You can see the colors on the nails at any angle or even when fingers are at rest! The glass speckles add dimension and depth to the overall look. Fabulous.

I have another bottle from Cosmic FX collection: Galaxy Girl. Will swatch it soon!

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