Friday, November 18, 2011

China Glaze Westside Warrior + Trendsetter and Konad!


I haven't been posting much, I know. My card reader isn't working right which caused significant delay in transferring photos from camera to hard disk.

Today I'm showing a konad mani! YES I HAVE KONAD SET. FINALLY!

I bought Konad Special Set at a discounted price, thanks to Groupon. I actually received it in late October and my first attempt was pathetic. I did it with Nubar Baby Blue for my bestie's wedding ceremony and if you recall, I was ashamed to post it here since there were awful bubbles and bad stamping work on my nails. I had serious issues with Konad polish, they are very gooey and dried too fast. I couldn't transfer the image to my nails properly and everything went downhill from there. I almost gave up but I remembered other bloggers had recommended China Glaze polish for stamping. Hey, they're so damn right. It glided on smoothly, easily and with the added benefit of various colors to play with!

Here's the picture of my Konad Special Set!

This set includes:

  • Instruction CD
  • Step-by-step guide in paper
  • Product catalog
  • 5 Konad special polish (red, white, green, pink pearl, black pearl)
  • 1 Top coat
  • 5 Image plates (M3,M36,M44,M55,M57)
  • 30 Rhinestones
  • 1 Image plate holder
  • 1 Stamp and 1 Scraper

For my manicure-of-the-week (MOTW), I used China Glaze Westside Warrior and Trendsetter from Metro collection Fall 2011.

China Glaze Trendsetter is a mustard-olive polish with subtle shimmers. It looks sandy indoors but dazzles under the sun. Pigmentation is superb, a medium coat will reach opacity! This may not be a congeniality shade, much like OPI Who The Shrek Are You. I, however, like how unusual it looks on the nails. As I said, hidden gems are the most treasured.

China Glaze Westside Warrior is in military green shade. The color from the bottle appears a level lighter than how it looks on the nails. I took the photos after a heavy rain and lighting failed to reflect the actual color. What you see is a tad darker than in reality. Think of it as the color in army fatigues.

It's a little tacky on the application because it drags and result in patches. But it builds up beautifully; I applied two coats for complete coverage.

Are you ready to see my 2nd feeble attempt in stamping? It wasn't perfect but at least they transferred to my nails.

I chose the zebra stripes in M57 plate.

Taken without top coat and before clean-up:

After a layer of Elianto top coat and Seche Vite top coat:

After the storm, sun came back with vengeance. It was too sunny so I took a shot of my left hand indoors. I'm a leftie so my painting skill is left to be desired:

If you notice, the lines on my right are different from my left's. For my right hand, I placed my fingers on the table and stamped the image but for my left's I lifted them to my eye level. I would say image looks better by using the second method!

And I gotta say I'm very pleased on the color combination. It's not in stark contrast but both complemented each other well. With Trendsetter's shimmers, it bounces on and off against the light!

I only tried China Glaze For Audrey once for marbling so I didn't know how good their polish are. After this round I'm impressed. The brush is easy to work with, pigmentation is great and they are sooooooooooo glossy and shiny. China Glaze is renowned for very good reasons. Thank you CG.

If you would like to purchase Konad products, click on the links:

Konad Malaysia
Konad Singapore
Konad Facebook (malaysia)

With this mani I renewed my interest and confidence in stamping. I intend to do it few more times, even with Konad polish and plan to get more image plates in the future. Meanwhile I'm striking out Konad in my Wish List :)

Have a good weekend!

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