Monday, November 7, 2011

L.A. Girl Rock Star in Heavy Metal, Groupie & Party Animal

Good day everyone! I know I've been missing for awhile! But it was with good reasons; I went back to Singapore to attend my best friend's wedding and to be her bridesmaid. Though I prepared my manicure and pedicure for the event, they were too awful to be seen here. I did it in a hurry and kinda screwed up in the process. Luckily everything looked good from afar (and of course all eyes were on the bride so i'm excused).

What I have here is the glorious polish I bought from Singapore. I have been lemming for L.A. Girl Rock Star collection and was about to order from Cherry Culture when I spotted them in a mall called Bugis Junction. In one of the departments, there's a section called ALT Beauty that sells polish brands like OPI, L.A. Girl and various nail care products, including Orly's! I was excited to see OPI DS series in there, more so when I found L.A. Girl Metallic, Disco Brites and Rock Star collections! I must have been in a bubble for so long that I didn't know this nation has added so many polish brands in its belt!

I would have grab all the Rock Star polish but they only have three colors left. I bought all and brought them home happily. L.A. Girl polish costs S$9 per bot, not a price to shy your hands away and well worth your dollars. They do not disappoint at all.

L.A. Girl Rock Star is 4-Free of DBP, Formaldehyde, Toulene and Formaldehyde Resin and does not contain Camphor which can be an irritant for sensitive-skin. In summary, this is toxic-free polish :)

Before I go on, here's the bottle pic:

L-R: Heavy Metal, Groupie, Party Animal

Brush & Application
There's nothing unusual about the brush; standard length with flexible bristles. However Party Animal has wonky brush and one of the bristles flared out like a rebel. Despite this, application was smooth, buttery and perfect.

Drying Time & Finish
You have no idea. It dried in seconds! Can I dare say it's comparable to Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish? Rock Star polish dried to smooth glossy finish. Yes, even with their glitters. Or shimmers as some prefer to regard them as that.

Opacity in just two coats. They are buildable, I could get the bottles' colors by applying two thin-to-medium coats.

Now onto the swatch! All were done without  base coat and top coat.

Groupie - Vibrant purple with tiny blue and violet flecks. The latter is only visible in the bottle but I swear I saw it on my nails under the sun. It doesn't dry to oil-slick duochrome but it does have flashes of blue in different angles. I didn't think I would like this one among the rest but it blew me away on the nails. Gorgeous!

I have included a blurry pic to dazzle you with the blue glitters!

Party Animal - Rich divalicious burgundy shade with red flecks. It has depth and so pretty in reality but I couldn't capture the 3-dimensional glow. The glitters sparkle from within, bounce off against the light and blinds in reflection. I found myself wriggling my fingers every now and then to marvel at the effects. Spell-binding it is!

It's not a dupe for China Glaze Lubu Heels, since Party Animal has a wine-red base whereas the other is a black polish with red glitters. Close, but not the same.

Heavy Metal - A gun-metal black polish with tons of colored glitters. I took this bottle first because I saw red, blue, green, silver glitters swimming in there. On the nails, all colors disappeared except for blue and silver. A pity but not disappointing. The blue appears in direct sun and silver brings a complex depth to this shade. Quite stunning but sadly not unique. I likened this to Color Club Revvvolution since mine is a non-holo dud but Heavy Metal stood out with its blue shimmer and other colored glitters which might be seen on others' nails (but not mine). It's darker than Sparitual Sacred Ground with the difference in glitter/shimmer. Not close, just a distant relative.

A blurry pic to pinpoint the blue glitter.. hmm or is it green?!

As I said, they don't disappoint. I love all 3 shades but found myself singling out Party Animal as my favorite. I'm attracted to polish that's subtle yet powerful, rich complex and full of depth. Polish that doesn't appear much but rockets you to outer-space when it's on your nails. In public Party Animal looks like any other vampy varnish but magical secrets revealed when you choose to look within :)

Do you like L.A. Rock Star as much as I do? Wish I can get my hands on the rest though.

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