Thursday, August 18, 2011

OPI Who The Shrek Are You in Polka Dots

It was my first nail art and I thought making polka dots would be an easy start. I was wrong!

I was satisfied with my choice of colors but Color Club Vintage Couture was not bright and opaque enough, as a result the pink blended in with white dots. Obvious enough from the photos, I was not able to make the dots in same size and I put too many of them on each nail. Another fatal mistake was to use black as my base; I thought black would tame the avocado green and brighten the dots! Not only that, it was a mess, cleaning up was a big hassle... the black was visible at the edges :(

I had this mani for only 3 days before removing it. Somehow the dots creeped me out.. there were just too many on the nails and the urge to rub it off grew stronger each day!

2 coats of IN2IT IN100 Black
3 coats of OPI Who The Shrek Are You
1 coat of IN2IT IN100 White
1 coat of Color Club Vintage Couture
Dotting tool
OPI Ridge Filler
Seche Vite dry fast top coat


redkapha said...

Only three days??! What a shame! I thought they were very pretty, green was unique, dots were perfect (to my naked eyes) & patterns were special. Overall, the design stood out and eye-catching except you are right the pink wasn't obvious enough. Looking forward to your second attempt! xxoxo

poppyluva said...

Thanks sis :) But it was a disaster in reality.. messy at the sides, black base peeking thru, and the dots made me feel untidy! LOL!

Will improve on my next dot adventure, just read a tip from another blog on how to make the dots more visible ;)