Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nubar Indigo Illusion

Hey readers, how are you? I had a busy social week which includes the A|X anniversary event, two friends' birthday parties and celebrating my ex-boss's new job.

For A|X event I changed my Sparitual Sacred Ground mani to Nubar Indigo Illusion to match with my navy blue pedicure (shade is almost similar to Orly La Playa, but a level lighter).

Initially I wasn't sure about Indigo Illusion, it seems a tad faded for duochrome and washed out for a fashion event. It's extremely sheer so I tested it over black base, the color changed to metallic pink and olive green, just like Nubar Wildfire. I had to put 3 medium coats of Indigo Illusion on my nails, which used up 1/5 of the polish in the bottle (heart pain).

Here's the bottle pic, on the left is Sparks S082 bought from SaSa;

In the bottle, Indigo Illusion has a fantastic array of shimmering blue, pink, gold and green;

Sparks S082 is a clear polish filled with prismatic crescents flakes and tiny round glitters. To be honest, it's so much denser than Nicole by OPI Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart. You'll definitely get the flakes and glitters on your nails without effort.

On the nails, I only have greyish blue, violet-pink and green. The gold did not show up. I smudged my ring finger's nail so I used Sparks S082 to conceal the mistake. Didn't help much but it's a good layering polish, especially for accent nails.

(Photos were taken 2 days after manicure)

It was a harsh week, my cuticles and skin were dry and brittle. I had over-cut the cuticle on my pinky resulting in long laceration at the edge. Imagine my scowls when applied with acetone polish remover and polish. It was painful!

Duochrome is at its best on Nubar Indigo Illusion. In reality, without top coat it dried to satin matte finish even though the shimmer settled down to oil-slick smoothness. No twisted angles or various lighting needed to reflect all the colors. Green is strongest under the shade, Denim grey-blue is obvious under indoor artificial light and every intended colors show up in natural lighting.

A blurry macro shot;

Splash S082 is so interesting on Indigo Illusion that I added it to my thumb as well. Even with prismatic flakie and glitter, the duochrome doesn't shy away!

I love duochromes, they always pose a challenge to cameras... you have to take multiple shots to find the colors as seen in reality. I found the missing gold shimmer blended with green, you gotta contort your fingers in a way to see it!

Earlier on I expressed my concerns on the faded, washed out shade but all worries erased after applying them. Nubar Indigo Illusion is gorgeous! It's subtle from far but amazeballs within distance! Whereas Wildfire is eye-catching, Indigo Illusion is a hidden treasure. I found myself staring at them throughout the whole week!

3 coats of Nubar Indigo Illusion
1 coat of Splash S082
1 coat of Seche Clear base coat
1 coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat (I used 2 coats on ring & thumb to seal the flakies)

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