Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nubar Wildfire + Color Club Smash Hit

Hey everyone! How was your week? It's been a busy one for me and was so tired after end of each day that I couldn't keep my eyes open after 11pm.

Before facing the hectic week, last Saturday I painted my nails with Nubar Wildfire. It's an unusual color that you either love or hate. I have Wildfire for quite sometime, bought from a Facebook sale and a quarter was used by previous owner. I was hesitant to try it not because of the color but because of the remaining 3/4.. that's precious amount left in the bottle!

So here it is, Nubar Wildfire, from Going Green collection. You can see the duochrome from the bottle. I put on Elianto Twilight Zone as base in order to bring out Wildfire's color.

L-R: Nubar Wildfire, Elianto Twilight Zone

Application for both is good; Nubar's brush is thin but not hard. Surprisingly Elianto's brush is quite wide and applies like a dream. Pigmentation for Wildfire is quite weak, you'll need at least 2 coats for coverage on its own. Twilight Zone is a one-coater, opaque in one swipe! But drying time for both doesn't pass the mark; both take approximately 5 TV commercials to dry, so yeah, patience is needed here.

Unfortunately time wasn't on my side, I had to meet friends for late lunch that day and was rushing to complete my mani. Things done in a hurry result in imperfection, as you can see from the photos. Gorgeous Wildfire became a mess by my hands! I also didn't have time for snapshots so below were taken the next day, with sun blazing in the sky.

Nubar Wildfire. Outdoor, in the shade

Outdoor, in the shade.
My camera doesn't like duochromes so I contorted my hands to show the colors!

Nubar Wildfire is olive green but flashes bronze, pink and weeny bit of gold. It's really interesting because while olive green may not appeal to many people, this seems to please the eyes, no matter what skin tone you have. Personally I don't favor gold because it dulls my skin but Wildfire works for me. I was wowed by the first coat and blown to outerspace after the 2nd!

You don't even have to move your fingers at different angles to find the duochrome, it is so obvious at ALL angles! That's the quality of Nubar duochromes, they are not hidden like others... in fact they are out to impress!

Outdoor, under direct sunlight

Outdoor, in the shade

Indoor, natural light

It garnered enough attention from two male colleagues, they were awed by the colors flashing in and out on the nails :)

I had tip wear on the 4th day and since I didn't have time to change my mani, I slapped on Color Club Smash Hit to cover the flaws. Not done well but at least it does its job. Somehow the application became very difficult to work with, I didn't have issues last time but the polish is very thick and gloppy. Some bald patches on the nails but as with crackle polish, adding second layer will cover the base completely.

Wildfire peeking through the crackle

Awesome duochrome against black, pweeettyyyy!

Now I understand why Scrangie and others commented that it's magical when crackle polish is applied over duochromes. The colors still flashes insanely through the cracks; crazy zebraic (new word by me) mystical and oh-so-diva!

1 coat of Elianto Twilight Zone
2 coats of Nubar Wildfire
1 coat of Color Club Smash Hit
1 coat of Seche Clear base coat
1 coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat

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