Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nicole by OPI Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart


This is a short post because I had swatched on the same day with my Sparitual Wilde collection and had intended to include them in the same post as a "by-the-way-swatch" but it slipped off my mind completely.

Step 2 The Best Of My Heart is one of the polish in Nicole by OPI's Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl collection. I won it from Secret Allure's first giveaway :) It's a clear polish that comprises of heart flakies in pink & purple shades and colorful glitters that appear prismatic but too scattered to be holographic.

I'm not Justin's fan but to win a giveaway is like striking lottery once in my lifetime! I'm happy to own this polish but I might not use it often. It's a fun polish, cute, sweet and light. My character has none of these traits. Ha!

One thing about the bottle. It's weird. The bottom protrudes out with a wider base. I suppose it's good for stability but I don't like the shape. It seems to me the glassblower made a painful mistake in the process but was appreciated by the company! And the cap, hmmm, it belongs to nail polish in the 80s which mothers still keep as souvenirs these days. Ha! Ok ok maybe I'm just fussy.

Well, I believe everything on earth is balanced. You can't have the good unless there's a presence of the bad. Despite the odd looking bottle and old fashioned cap, Nicole by OPI improvises a wide flat brush... No, they called it 'Perfect Stroke Brush'. Upon taking out the brush I realized they have the same brush type as Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri's with the only difference in length; SH Insta-Dri's brush stand is longer. View SH's brush here. It's good to have flat-head brush for Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart because you should be able to scoop out the heart flakies and place them on the nails much easier than a round-headed one.

So anyway, here's the swatch - I was testing Sparitual Wilde collection and didn't have enough time to put S2TBOMH on my nails. I have this practice finger with me and trust me, color is 100% accurate.

I used OPI Ridge Filler as base before putting S2TBOMH. I know other reviewers described it as clear polish with subtle/faint hint of purple/pink but on the practice finger it's clear as water. Yeah, please don't trust the fake finger, the nail color is definitely different from our nail bed's.

Application is, of course, easy, like any other clear polish. But placing the tiny glitter is a task; they are scattered in the bottle and it's not gonna be dense on the nails. As with other similar types of polish, usually you have to slap thick glob of polish on the nails to put the flakies and glitter effectively on the nails. You can see the obvious layer on top of Ridge Filler. You can also see my successful attempt in placing TWO heart flakies but failed in getting more glitters as it should have been. Hmm, as I said, everything on earth is balanced...

Do you like Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart? Or you like it because of Justin Bieber?

1 coat of OPI Ridge Filler
1 coat of Nicole by OPI Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart

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