Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gemma with Sasatinnie & Essence Metal Battle

Yes I'm back! Am using my mobile internet to stay connected, Singapore mobile providers are generous to give 12GB.. my my, and way faster too!

Few days ago before starting work, I was digging into my mom's stash and found this sparkly little one, nameless, a shame it is but quite gorgeous on the bottle.

It's called 031. Mom bought from an offline bazaar and it seems to me like a franken polish. It's a silver base with tiny bright glitter. My eyes was fixated on the holographic bits and got right down to swatching it. Well the thing is, though they look dense in the bottle, it's sparse on the nails so you'll need more than 5 coats for decent coverage if used alone. Yea it's definitely a layering polish. However the holo glitter doesn't disappoint much!

Above shows three coats of Gemma (a name on a whim) without top coat. I'm a paranoid opaque freak so I applied thick coats on each layer. In the shade, natural light, florescent, night and yellow lighting, the holo blinks blinks blinks. Pity the glitter is small and scattered but at a price of S$1 it's a good dusty find!

Oh by the way, I used mom's Sasatinnie FCGR001 as base. Two coats. It's a murky tell-teal with green leanings.

Hoping to bring Gemma's talent out I used Essence Metal Battle as base. It's a black polish with super-minute red, green and blue flecks on it. Slightly obvious on the bottle and totally unseen on the nails unless you take a photo and zoom 150% in. At least it can be a one-coater ;)

Sadly Gemma's abilities remain the same throughout her performance, though it's warp-alicious on black!

Sometimes surprises come from within. Mine's from my mom's stash and it's oh-so-cheap that even an unemployed worm like me would grab it!

Thanks for reading!

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