Thursday, February 2, 2012

Essence Choose Me!

Hey readers, how are you? :) My past week had been a rollercoaster ride and I'm still getting the tremors.

Despite the ups and downs, I took time to change my manicure.. Ha, you know colors do affect one's mood. I needed something bright and sparkling so I used this polish; apt for its name, right for my purpose too - Essence Choose Me!

Essence Choose Me! contains crazy zillions millions of green, gold micro glitters that if you stare at them long enough, either to pick up the glitter colors or simply in awe of it, your eyes will stay crossed for few seconds. What I'm trying to say is, the glitters are so small, really micro but superbly reflective. You just can't pick them out one by one :)

Look at them from the bottle -

Oh I forgot to mention, Choose Me! is teal base, a little on the jelly side yet appears foilish-metallic. Fast drying time (dried smooth too)! Application is great, brush is a-okay but sadly it isn't long-wearing. Mine chipped after a day.

It will reach opacity in just 2 coats but I kinda screwed up on my ring finger so I topped it up with a 3rd coat.

I was intrigued by the glitter so I placed my nails under the lamp to glorify the glitter -

What do you think? Mesmerizing? Dazzling? It's blinding isn't it?

I remember swatching a similar shade before... ahh yes, Sparitual Rhythm of Life. Yes, it's similar except RoL is a frosty metallic without glitters. Here's the pic -

Do you like it? I think my skin tone doesn't go well with teal and greens... hmmm.

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