Friday, January 20, 2012

Bloop H124 + Konad

Hello readers! For those in Asia, it's gonna be a long long weekend yes? Chinese new year is 'round the corner, and rightfully so since it's Friday today and reunion dinner falls on Sunday. I wonder, what is your typical family reunion dinner? Ala carte yummy dishes or seafood steamboat? Do you have it at home or in restaurants? Every year we have home-made steamboat, lots of impossible-to-finish ingredients and tons of chatter with laughter. Dad will bring fresh seafood from Sabah and mom will prepare tasty soup stock. Sadly this year I'll be staying put in Malaysia, missing out the family warmth and togetherness. Ahh... homesick especially during Chinese New Year.

To compensate my miss, I did a bright manicure, though not exactly a CNY one but a color that is lively, loud and happy. I use Bloop H124:

It's a deep pink with rays of neon on it. Yes it's bright though it's not obvious in the bottle. On the nails it's blinding against the sun, oh yes. Quite a festive color, good for occasions and hence I used it for pedicure too.

I stamped it with Konad white polish on M57 image plate:

Here's the outcome!

I regret not using Konad topcoat to finish it off because my Seche Vite stained the white to pink :-\ Okay though it's still not that bad. I double-stamped on my thumb's, index and middle since the image is too small for full coverage. You can see the overlapping mistake on the index finger.

Bloop H124 is a really fun color, application is great; I used 2 coats for opacity. Disappointingly brush is wonky so it takes patience to paint the nails properly. You can get it cheap from Watsons, I bought it for RM7.90 only.

Before ending this post, I wish everyone A VERY PROSPEROUS HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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