Friday, January 13, 2012

OPI Steady As She Rose + Konad

Happy New Year!

I was away for the last part of December and was kept busy since then. After my Sabah trip I changed my manicure to a more subtle one, mainly because I needed to meet my future HR to officiate my position. Initially I intended to keep the manicure clean and simple but the rebel side of me konad-ed it, not with one but three designs on the nails!

Steady As She Rose is part of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean 2011 collection. It's a dusty pink or more accurately, a muted lavender shade. For stamping I used Elianto White.

I used image plate M44;

In the beginning I only needed one image to create a half moon design but it looked lonely so I added two-line image on top. That made it queer and ended up with vertical stripes on the tips :P

It was my first to create complex konad design on the nails and my placements of each image still need further improvements. Nonetheless I'm quite pleased with the outcome :)

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