Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress + Bloop H187 = Christmas mani!

Here I am again, two posts in a week! I'm heading to Sabah for holidays from tomorrow onwards, with no polish to change and no treatment for my nails, I thought of putting this mani up before closing the final week of December 2011.

It's the Xmas week now, what are your festive plans? I did a Xmas manicure right after my exhausting Singapore trip. Done in a hurry with a half-hearted attitude, no surprise it's a sloppy paint job :(

These are the polish I used for Xmas manicure:

I did a brief swatch on OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress before, click here to view.

Bloop H187 is a semi-frosty, semi-metallic elf-green polish. It's the perfect Christmas green but my camera sucked out the green and produced a teal. Hmm. The true color can be seen on my nails in the swatch photos below.

OPI Sparkle-icious is part of OPI Holidays 2010 Burlesque collection. It's a clear base filled with purple, gold and blue micro hexagonal glitter. It screams festive yea?

Here's the swatch; would you believe it's done by a leftie cat? :p

I used french tip guide for the color block. Apparently my lousy tip guide is not arched enough to create the curves on all nails. Not only that, I removed the tips while polish was still wet. As a result the polish dragged with the tape and made the lines uneven. Aarrrggh!!

In reality they don't look that bad but I should have done a chevron manicure instead. Oh well, always a lesson learnt for future improvements!

A closer look at OPI Sparkle-icious. To be honest, I'm creeped out by the tons of dots piled up on my nails. It's appears glittery and dazzling on the naked eye but my skin crawls by its macro shot...

P/S: I used Elianto White as my base before putting 3 coats of Sparkle-icious

Since I won't be around till end December, Nailbytes hereby wishes you:

Take care guys!

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