Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Post: OPI You're A Doll with Silver Glitter

Hi, my name is Joyce, best friend of Agnes :) I was invited to be her guest blogger for Nailbytes because we both share the same addictive hobby, and like her, I have collected a museum amount of nail polish over the years (or maybe months).

For my virgin post, I am sharing this nail art that's nude yet elegant on the overall. It's simple, easily achievable and suitable for almost all occasions.

The base color is OPI You're A Doll. This color is in sheer nude pink with red dusty bits. After applying the coat, let it dry well before proceeding to the next step.

To glam up the nails, I added few layers of non-holographic glitter nail polish (around 3 to 4 will be good) from the middle to produce the gradient effect. This type of polish is clear-base, sheer with small, sparse glitter flakes. However try not to add too many layers  or else you'll have a hard time placing the flakies at the right spot.

So now to achieve a good gradient, you'll need to add pigmented silver glitter on the tips. You can use an opaque silver glitter polish but it's easier to use silver glitter powder. My method is to use the polish brush (from the silver glitter's), dip it lightly into a container of glitter powder to pick up the glitter. With light strokes, transfer them onto the tips. Control the amount with each layer - use the same brush to add or reduce the amount. You can also use nail art brush (or even silver glitter nail art polish to achieve the same effect). Advice: In order not to 'contaminate' the silver glitter nail polish or the top coat/clear polish, use a cotton pad (wet with nail polish remover) to clean the brush.

After drying, my finishing touch is to add few drops of  OPI Drip Dry for rapid drying. It really works for me, I swear by it!

Hope you enjoy reading :)

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