Monday, September 5, 2011

GOSH Holographic Giveaway by Rebecca Likes Nails!

My my, another giveaway before the first one ends. Normally I'll not participate, unless: (1) I'm lemming for the nail polish, (2) I think it's easy to win, (3) it doesn't require a lot of steps to enter the contest. I also kinda give up on giveaways because I NEVER GET TO WIN ONE AT ALL.

Nonetheless, I am taking part in Rebecca's birthday giveaway because I REALLY WANT THIS POLISH. I'm on a duochrome & holographic hunt now and this giveaway is a golden opportunity to win a gorgeous one!

Pic courtesy from Rebecca Likes Nails (

I only got to know about Rebecca Likes Nails when I googled for China Glaze Metro swatches. I began reading her posts and was inspired to use her gradient tutorial (it's in my to-do list). It was only till recently that I noticed her giveaway banner on the top right corner in her site. I have heard of GOSH Holographic and seen several swatches of it, reminds me of Nfu Oh 61 which, I'm seriously dreaming, lemming, salivating at every picture I see. Now I have a chance to get it FREE, I'll break my nails to win! Ha!

Ok, I'm crossing my four fingers for double blessing. Not having high hopes but who knows, my clover leaf might just work this time.

If you're also interested to win the GOSH Holographic away from me, go ahead and visit her page. It's fair game! Good Luck!

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