Friday, September 16, 2011

Jesse's Girl Blue Moon + Orly La Playa

Hello everyone! How's your week? Today is a public holiday so I finally have time to post my manicure pics :)

A while back I purchased a mini bottle of Jesse's Girl Blue Moon from an online seller, who had ordered Confetti but it arrived as Blue Moon. I grabbed it as soon as she published them! That's quite typical of me!

From the bottle, you can see Blue Moon is more of a purple tone with hints of blue. People coined a new term called Blurple, a shade that's purple and blue with obvious reasons. You can see the color contrast between Blue Moon and La Playa, the latter is a deepened navy creme and it appears darker on the nails than in the bottle.

L-R: Orly La Playa, Jesse's Girl Blue Moon

Blue Moon is not 3-Free

The brush is super short with a rectangular-shaped block as the holding end.
As a result I had issues in application, the block hindered and kept hitting the table

Application was almost good, being buttery and smooth but it left bald patches with 1 coat and resulted in brushstrokes. It was opaque in 2 coats but I put on the third one to even out everything.

Blue Moon dried in satin matte finish, which looked really cool in blurple. You can keep this look for a mod style but I added top coat since I used La Playa as french tip.

Jesse' Girl Blue Moon under artificial light. It became deep cobalt blue

Added La Playa as french tip. 

Finishing touch: Brandless top coat & Sech Vite top coat

Next day with the sun soaring high up, I took some outdoor pics:

Blue Moon's true blurple showed up!

It's jewel toned in the shade. Look at the pink flashes!

I absolutely love jewel toned polish. They glow from within and look oh-so-dandy. I couldn't stop staring at them everywhere I go.

Now when I went directly under the sun, holy molly, the pink and blue shimmers were so vivid I was blinded instantly!

From jewel toned to gorgeous shimmers!

The shimmers bounced back and dazzled

Close up shot on the pink and blue shimmers

Jesse's Girl Blue Moon is a must-have! It's like a chameleon on your nails, glowing in the shade and dazzling in the sun! I simply couldn't get enough of it. I stole glances at them during a 3 hours' workshop, admiring them with secret smiles!

Was almost sad to remove them after 5 days. I'm not sure if it's the work of La Playa or Blue Moon, they remained chip-free for a week :)

3 coats of Jesse's Girl Blue Moon
1 coat of Orly La Playa (yes a one coater!)
1 coat of OPI Ridge Filler
1 coat of brandless top coat
1 coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat

Remember how I complained about the shrinkage caused by Seche Vite? I did my research and found out that it has to be applied on WET polish. I hate to spoil the freshly painted nails so I added a coat of brandless top coat and when still wet, drop a glob of Seche Vite and spread evenly on the nails. So far it works! No shrinkage anymore!

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