Tuesday, August 21, 2012

China Glaze Aquadelic

Hello there!

I bought China Glaze Aquadelic from Star Trinkets two weeks back, along with two other CG polish: Passion, Reggae to Riches. They are under TSS Blog Sale, click on the links if you wanna catch the rest of the goodies (but pls leave some for me!).

If you don't already know, Star Trinkets is owned by a nice lady called Susan, whom has a personal nail blog called The Subtle Shimmer. She blogs almost daily, with good details on the polish and great swatches. Do visit her sites!

I have used China Glaze Passion for konad stamping in my previous post. So today I'm showing China Glaze Aquadelic! It's turquoise with more green than blue; bright but definitely not neon. It's a summery color, makes one cheery and happy!

As with most of CG polish (or from those in my stash), application is smooth, well-pigmented and not too runny. But it became thick after 30 minutes, which made it harder to manage. Brush also tends to pick up more polish and result in globs deposited on the nails.

It would have been a good manicure, except it bubbled. Or so I think? I am beginning to wonder if those bumps are the result of the imperfections on my nails. I could have used my ridge filler but I painted my nails on a weekday night and didn't have time to redo everything. The next morning I rushed to take photos and zoomed off to work.

Anyhoo, photos show two coats but you can easily get away with one. I freaked out on the bumps and tried to cover them up - of course it didn't work.

And since it wasn't done well, I shall be kind to your eyes by not spamming this post with more photos :)
Thanks for reading!

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