Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bloom to be MANiDiva!


Today is a special post: I have a model for the manicure! And that's none other than Mr C, my better half :) Yes it took a few months of offhanded-suggestions, few weeks of hinting and two days of persuasion to nod his head in resignation!

I can't put a finger to why I needed his nails for the manicure, but it started as a joke and spun off to a request since his nailbeds are flat, big and wide to be a polish canvas.. lol!

On to his manicure!

Since he has tan complexion, I wanted to bling up his nails. I decided on Bloom Costa Rica (hot red creme) and Bloom Seoul (dense silver glitter) - both were brought in by my friend from Australia :)

Both polish are well-pigmented; they are one-coaters! Application was a breeze. It applied smooth and buttery. Seoul is so tightly packed with glitter that it's impossible to act as layering polish. As for the brush, not too bad, not wonky, not naughty, just a little on the thin side.

I used two coats of Costa Rica as base. I know it was opaque in one but I didn't cover the ends well so two to round up. After it was completely dry, I used reinforcement ring stickers to create half moon nailart in Bloom Seoul. Well apparently it wasn't that dry yet, cos' the sticker smudged the red base on the pinky. And I added too much Seoul on the half-moon, it became a mountain.. lol.

I gave more time for the rest to dry up and while waiting, decided to dot up two nails instead. Using a dotting tool, I randomly dotted the thumb's and ring finger's. After that I completed the half-moon art on index's and middle's. Hmm, ok, they weren't half-moons, and they were in different shapes and sizes. Oops.

Though the art was poorly executed, I'm still glad I did it!
Since it has de glamour look on a man's nails... I call this a MANiDiva! :P

Last shot before Mr C cleaned it off!

Above pics were shown without top coat.
Thanks for reading!

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