Monday, March 26, 2012

Color Club Fashion Addict

Have you washed out the Monday blues yet?

I have started work in Singapore for two weeks yet my life here seems like eons ago. Left my soul in Malaysia and everyday feeling aged and exposed. New in this country again, after a 7-years' absence.

Here's a purple that annoyed me much. I love purples on my nails but this particular pwetty had me on the edge!

Color Club Fashion Addict

Adorned with glorious reviews, piled with wonderful pictures... An eye-pleasing purple with linear holo bits... it's a celebrity eh?

But mine didn't fared well. Is it a dud (again)?! The holo didn't show much, or rather kept to itself most of the time! It's sibling, Worth The Risque, is awesome but why is FA not performing?

Why is this happening to me??!

Fashion Addict in the shade, daytime natural light.
Color to the eye is the same as to the pic's, light lavender or lilac.

FA out under cloudy sky, daytime, natural light.

aiks, dry cuticles!

I caught a glimpse of it when placed under artificial amber light.

Disappointing. The linear holo was evident as stamping polish but so subtle on its own. You could only see it from macro shots.

So anyway, I kept the mani for a week. On the sixth day I was walking out for lunch I finally saw the holo! This lavender butterfly spread its wings only under direct sunlight!

It's a beauty that flourishes under the sun. I used my  phone camera to take couple of shots, pity I couldn't capture the full linear holo but in reality it literally lit up with dazzling colors!

Though FA has holo that's too subtle, this is a shimmery lavender/lilac shade that I'm happy to have. Oh well, I don't have many light/pastels/nudes shades so yea I gonna keep this for now...

Oh before I forgot, 2 coats are enough for opacity but I used 3 thin coats :P

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