Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nubar Raspberry Truffle

Happy Saturday! It has been a tiring week for me, travelling to different places for meetings almost everyday. My feet has shown obvious signs of exhaustion: dry, peeling and blisters. Walking long distance in high heels is really not easy!!

Last Sunday I painted my nails with a long-forgotten polish... Nubar Raspberry Truffle. I bought it from a nice lady who didn't like the color and sold it cheap :) It was in my stash for a year and kept hidden since. Silly me, such a gem should not be treated this way!

From the bottle, how can you not be attracted by it??? An interesting mix of red, copper, gold and green. Duochrome baby? Neh. You can see the color on my nails, it's dark chocolatey brown with intense red shimmer!

Below pic shows the camera focus on bottle color and  the true color on the nails. Yup, no copper, gold and green on the nails. Light is playing tricks on our eyes yea.

Nonetheless it's still a beauty. I have started liking dark browns on my nails and this gorgeous has captured my attention and stole my heart the moment I applied!

I'm not a chocolate lover, nor am I a fan of raspberry. But the name is apt! It does look like chocolate fudge with bits of raspberries on top and additives of sophistication and dose of vampyness. Love!

Application is flawless. Pigmentation is good, covers in two semi-thin coats. Red shimmer does its job well under bright light, chocolatey brown is at its darkest hour under artificial light and sheds its shadows to delicious brown under natural bright light. I embrace all :)

Raspberry Truffle in dark oaky mahogany

Raspberry Truffle in shimmery reddish brown

Humor me, look at the macro shots will ya?

This polish is from the 2009 Nubar Chocolate Truffles collection. Old one it is and hype has gone down ever since. BUT I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH RASPBERRY TRUFFLE! It's my polish to go!

*Above photos of swatch were taken without topcoat applied

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