Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Haul!

Last weekend I went to Sunway Pyramid with the intention to visit Inglot, the new flagship store all the way from Poland. Read the online reviews, they have nice makeup and nail polish so I was eager to witness their wands of magic.

But I was distracted by other nail polish in Watsons, Daiso and Elianto... I went into an overdrive by buying them till I forgot about Inglot!

Below is my drugstore haul:

Haul from Watsons, Daiso and Elianto
Finger rest at RM3.50, bought from a pushcart store

Essence Metallics collection - 8ml, RM9.90 each
L-R: Steel Me, Metal Battle, Nothing Else Metals, Copper Rulez!

Essence nail polish - 5ml, RM6.90 each
L-R: Where Is The Party x 2, Choose Me, Wake Up!

Bloop nail polish - RM8.90 each
L-R: H124, H563, H565, H137

Elianto nail polish - RM9 and RM5 (sale price)
L-R: Lilac, Shine Opal, Twilight Zone, White

Daiso Color Makeup and Heart nail enamel - RM5 each
L-R: Color Makeup 04, Heart 2 (bought as backup)

If you notice, I bought 2 bottles of Essence Where Is The Party. There was only 2 left on the shelf and I grabbed all of them... because they are DUOCHROME! Omg, duochrome polish in Watsons which costs RM6.90... my heart was pounding and fluttering!

It's in dark dusty purple tone with flashes of green and blue. Reminds me of Zoya Ki, almost a dupe but Zoya Ki has a brighter shade of purple.

Next up is Elianto Lilac which costs RM9 at sale price. My bestie and I bought the same polish :)
It's duochrome in the bottle but appears as hologram on the nails. A lilac tone with flashes of gold.

Now on to my quick swatch of my haul!

Bloop H563 is a surprise, the olive glitter is awesome. Great color for Fall. Bloop H124 in neon pink is fresh and fun, it certainly didn't show in the bottle but wow-zers on the nails!

L-R: Bloop H563 (olive glitter), Bloop H565 (grey glitter),
Essence Wake Up! (neon orange), Essence Choose Me (blue glitter), Bloop H124 (neon pink)
All these are applied in 2 coats

As you can see below, my quick swatch wasn't able to capture Essence's duochrome. I took the photos under artificial light but I will do it again in my next post. For Elianto Lilac, it's sheer but buildable. Nice purplish shade that flashes gold in angles. 

The disappointment is Color Makeup 04 and Elianto Shine Opal. They didn't turn out as expected; the former didn't show the pink duochrome on the nails and Shine Opal's blue glitter is too sparse and small to be visible. Lamers!

L-R: Elianto Shine Opal (clear base with blue tiny glitter - a weak one),
Color Makeup 04 (beige with pink duochrome - another weak one),
Essence Where Is The Party, Elianto Lilac, Bloop H137
All applied in 2 coats

Bloop H137 (a very sheer jelly neon coral-pink)

If you're wondering why I didn't swatch Essence Metallics, it's because I'll put it in the next post. They deserve their own space for their awesome-ness :)

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