Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cirque Ophelia & her flowers

Hello readers!

This manicure was done weeks ago and I only get to post it now.
Be warned, it's a photo-spam post!

I bought OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls from a sweet lady who posted about the sale in Facebook. Usually I won't get an expensive white polish since most of the time, I will use it as base. But this MBSW is not the typical white, it's a shy white with grayish blue undertones. Which I find it to be interesting. Not too bright and sparkly yet still look clean and polished :-)

I used two coats here, first thin layer and medium coat on the second. This white is not streaky and covers nicely without giving any issues - this is a white gem! Most of the whites are patchy on the nails, either runny or too thick. Not this one. MBSW is the new white!

To jazz up the chalky nails I added blue flowers on ring and thumb, with Cirque Ophelia on the rest of the fingers!

I used two coats of Ophelia:

And realized Ophelia's cornflower blue is not a close match to the flower's :-(
In retrospect, I should put one coat of Ophelia to complement the whole manicure (albeit the mismatched color)


Cirque Ophelia is another pwetty.. it's like your nails are spammed by blue fairies' dust! I'm not a big fan of glitters but this has a place in my heart. It has that soft, delicate and naive look.

I'm not sure if Cirque named it for Hamlet's Ophelia; it just occurred to me that my manicure plays right into the character!

When Ophelia went mad after her father's death, she was observed to be in white gown, walking in the streets mumbling to herself and sprinkling wild flowers. Later on, she fell into the river and drowned, her body flowed with the stream, flowers weeping from the trees and rested on her body, echoing a delicate and tragic end of her short life.

Ok, back to reality.

If you're wondering about the flowers, I bought them from BornPrettyStore. It comes in a set of 12 assorted flowers at a very affordable price:

To help you understand their sizes, here's a reference:
(the rest, except green, are bigger - they cover three-quarter of my thumb nail)

Are you tired of reading already?
I will make this quick.

After few days of feeling 'uneasy' about the blue combination, I removed Ophelia and did a simple french mani in MBSW. Ok they weren't perfect... well that's because I did it in the office toilet! How many of you did that too? Own up! Haha!!

Last to add; I bought Cirque Ophelia from Mei Mei Signatures. She has wide range of nail care and polish brands - from salon to indie ones! Go on, click and take a look.

Right, you can rest your fingers from scrolling the page now. Thanks for reading!

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